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Oud scents the air, the famed El Gouna breeze (stable winds and flat lagoons make it a top-class kitesurfing destination) ruffles gauzy curtains on poolside cabanas, trailing bougainvillaea, and sets fluffy grasses whisper. -CN Traveller

The caramel sand, framed by green palms putting their backs into a stiffening breeze, is beginning to glow as the day warms.

From my breakfast table I can see its two main pools, mosaic-tiled in neutral tones to blend in with the beach just beyond.

Outside, soft sand and picture-perfect palm trees make the secret beach all the more special. - Hello Magazine

The pools are just steps from the beach, too, so if you’re eager to take a dip in the famous Red Sea, then you’re in luck. Guests at the Chedi can enjoy access to a private, natural cove stretch of sand spreading over an impressive 250 metres in length, with calm, clear waters gently lapping the sand and a scattering of palm trees adding to that tropical holiday vibe. - Luxury lifestyle magazine

July 26, 2021

Towards the rear of the hotel (ideal for guests seeking a higher level of privacy, away from the hub of the hotel), the low rise Garden Suites are wrapped in bougainvillaea and elegantly frame the Red Sea on the horizon.

July 15, 2021

Project Completed 2019

"The new planting, and the pool in the plaza create a pleasant environment protected by the monumental colonnade around. The pools of the lagoon reflect the arches and columns of the colonnades in dramatic and picturesque ways, creating a tranquil public space for El Gouna residents throughout the year, even if there is no pre-determined event taking place.

"Christina Seilern and her design team at London-based Studio Seilern Architects together with Landesign Landscape Architecture, have enclosed the Gouna Festival Plaza in the Red Sea resort of El Gouna, Egypt, with the design of a trio of colonnades."

"Landscape and water features in and around the complex create an oasis, protected from the sun and wind."

"Landscape planting and a pool create a pleasant environment protected by the surrounding monumental colonnade."

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