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About Us

As the Principal Landscape Architect, Ismail Mostafa leads our team with extensive experience in landscape architecture, construction, golf course development, and agriculture. With a broad skill set, we tackle a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial, resort to compound, and beyond.


Ismail brings extensive international expertise to his work, collaborating with major developers such as Orascom and Emaar, as well as renowned firms in California and Australia, before venturing into the Middle East. His experience spans regions including California, Australia, Oman, UAE, and Egypt.


His global journey began in California and Australia, where he honed his skills at prestigious firms. Upon joining Emaar in Dubai, he collaborated with renowned golf architect Peter Harradine on Egyptian projects, all while working alongside a network of global consultants that cemented his truly international perspective. Beyond Egypt, Ismail's influence extends to mega-projects across the Middle East, including 'Jebel Sifa: The Beachfront' and 'Hawana Salalah: Forest Island,' amongst many others, which demanded adherence to rigorous international standards. 


With a With a 25 year history working in Landscape Architecture, Ismail has successfully designed  projects spanning high-end residential developments, cultural centers, schools, hotels, resorts, and landscape masterplans, all reflecting the vision and expertise acquired through his extensive international experience.

To promote a balanced approach to design, emphasizing water conservation, environmental sustainability, and aesthetic beauty. We believe in moving beyond the traditional notion of simply adding greenery, focusing on thoughtful design that respects future resource considerations.

Our Vision

Our Expertise

Our expertise goes beyond landscapes – we understand the art of space. From hardscape to softscape design, our team excels in creating one-of-a-kind outdoor environments. We integrate structures like pools, decks, and pergolas seamlessly into your landscape. We treat plants as art, considering their origins, textures, and colors to create both functional and aesthetically superior spaces. Our commitment extends to irrigation, the backbone of a thriving landscape, and nightscape and lighting design which elevate your space after dark.

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